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General Chemistry

Rainer Roldan Fiscal

222 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book explains the major concepts associated with general chemistry. It gives an introduction of chemistry covering its importance and applications in daily lives. The book also describes periodic table and atomic properties. It then covers solutions and properties of solutions. The book then describes acids, bases and salts including its properties and its reactions. The book then covers the states of matter. It then describes in detail the concept of chemical bonding. The book then talks about the various concepts associated with electrochemistry. Finally, it describes the units of measurements used in chemistry.
Author Bio
Rainer Roldan Fiscal is an Associate Professor in Laguna State Polytechnic University, Philippines and Research Coordinator of the College of Teacher Education. He finished Bachelor of Secondary Education major in General Science, Master of Arts in Teaching major in Science and Technology and Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Educational Leadership and Management. He teaches Biological and Physical Science subjects, Professional Education subjects and Methods of Research in the undergraduate and graduate programs. He presented his papers in national and international conferences in the Philippines and abroad. He published his papers in international journals.