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Language and the Internet

Sandy Jessie Lynn Balela Leobrera

247 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Language and the Internet gives the readers a linguistic perspective and explains them the role of internet in the changing world. The book throws light on the multilingualism of the internet and talks about the various languages the corresponding themes for in the 21st century. Also discussed in the book is the language that is employed on the web, the language that is used in the virtual world and the one that e-mails are composed in. The readers are also informed about the use of blogs for the understanding of the readers, the various challenges in the internet language and the solutions to them and the linguistic future of internet.
Author Bio
Sandy Jessie Lynn Balela Leobrera, a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English in Union College of Laguna. She finished her Masters of Arts in Teaching English at Laguna State Polytechnic University, Siniloan, Laguna. She is an Assistant Professor III under the College of Teachers Education teaching Grammar and Language and Literature. She is also the Director of Scholarship and Financial Assistance in LSPU System. Currently, she is taking up her Doctors of Philosophy major in Educational Leadership and Management at the Laguna State Polytechnic University, Siniloan, Laguna. In addition, she is currently the Adviser and Language critic of number of thesis in the field of Education specifically in English for undergraduate students. She also participated various local, national and international seminars and workshops related to education and in Office Management.