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Alternative Currencies in the Digital Age

Qing Zhou

251 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Alternative Currencies In The Digital Age makes the readers aware about the various currencies that can be used in the businesses or even in the normal regular transactions in the current world of digital technology and informs the readers about the ways in which these currencies may change the way trades happen. This book also discusses about the various currencies in the digital age, the role of alternative currencies in the economy of the world, bitcoin, the blockchains, the process of mining and the monetary policies and the related cybercrimes to the alternative currencies. It provides an insight into the kind of world that the people are heading into and the kinds of currencies that will be a fundamental thing in the future.
Author Bio
David Zhou graduated from the Central South University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, and his career has taken a tech focus from there. As a management consultant, David Zhou advised various clients on how to implement information systems to drive for business success. Also, he is a passionate supporter for the blockchain technologies and have participated several projects as a whitepaper consultant or bilingual project coordinator.