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Managing Diversity at Workplace

Radha Kanwal Sharma

321 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Organizations are accepting diversity management strategies asa response to the growing diversity of the workforce around theworld. This book equips students with a systematic understandingof the advantages and challenges presented by workplacediversity, signifying techniques to manage diversity effectivelyand maximize its benefits. Effective workplace diversity managementpolicies have been demonstrated to aid creative thinkingprocesses and innovation. This book serves as a useful guide forstudents and academics of human resource management, organisational behaviour, andorganisational psychology and organisation studies.
Author Bio
Dr Radha Kanwal Sharma obtained her PhD in business management from Punjabi University Patiala,India. She has published several papers in refereed journals. Apart from writing books, she has designedmodules of Organisation Behaviour for epathshala project of University Grants Commission India. Shehas successfully organised several national seminars and conferences. Her research interests includeentrepreneurship, leadership, knowledge management and business strategy.