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Systems and Software Testing Techniques and Frameworks

Jovan Pehcevski

344 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Systems and software testing techniques and framework is a book which aims at providinga brief description of various methods and approaches required for software testing.The book is a treat for all the upcoming software engineers as it will help them in variousparts of systems and software testing, and to make it easy for them to study, the bookis divided into four sections. Provides reader with an insight into the development ofseveral systems and software testing techniques where the design patterns would bedetected in object-oriented program.
Author Bio
Jovan obtained his PhD in Computer Science from RMIT University in Melbourne,Australia in 2007. His research interests include big data, businessintelligence and predictive analytics, data and information science, informationretrieval, XML, web services and service-oriented architectures, andrelational and NoSQL database systems. He has published over 30 journaland conference papers and he also serves as a journal and conferencereviewer. He is currently working as a Dean and Associate Professor at European University in Skopje,Macedonia.