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Applied Neural Networks and Soft Computing

Ivan Stanimirovic

232 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Applied Neural Networks and Soft Computing examines the relation between neural networksand soft computing. Neural network is a system of hardware and software designedafter the operations of neurons. Applied neural networks has a plethora of applicationsand the text tries to touch every aspect to give readers a wider perspective. Further, artificialneural networks (vaguely inspired by biological neural network) are also discussed tokeep readers up to date regarding the latest innovations taking place.
Author Bio
Ivan Stanimirovic gained his PhD from University of Niš, Serbia in 2013.His work spans from multi-objective optimization methods to applicationsof generalized matrix inverses in areas such as image processing and computergraphics and visualisations. He is currently working as an Assistantprofessor at Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics at University of Niš oncomputing generalized matrix inverses and its applications.