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Criminology and Criminal Justice: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Anne Wade

244 pages
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This book systematically focuses on the field of criminology and criminal justice. All the important areas of criminology and criminal justice have been covered in this book. The topic is interdisciplinary in nature. Hence, related disciplines related to criminology and criminal justice have been discussed at various points. The book also discusses the key issues facing the criminal justice system.The book starts with an introduction to the field of criminology and criminal justice and explains the basic terms and concepts related to it. Subsequently, the history of criminology and how it has evolved over the years has been discussed. Various sociological and biological theories related to criminology have been elaborated. Later rational choice theory has been elaborated and its application in the field of criminology is shown. In chapter four, the various causes of crime in terms of their biological, psychological and sociological nature have been elaborated. The next chapter focuses on the various techniques that can be used to solve crimes.With the rapid advancement in technology, criminals have taken advantage of technology to commit crimes. The emerging field of cybercrimes has become the newest field of criminology. An entire chapter is dedicated to the discussion of cybercrimes and their various dimensions. Different types of cybercrimes and their causes have been discussed. The judicial system related to cybercrime is also explained subsequently. Chapter seven focuses on the field of criminal justice and touches its various dimensions. The function and aim of the criminal justice system is explained. Various types of courts and their hierarchy are discussed in the later sections of the chapter. There is also a discussion on the working of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.In the last two chapters of the book, policies that tackle crime and subsequently are discussed. A case study is given to better understand the various concepts discussed so far. The book is aimed as a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the field of criminology and criminal justice.
Author Bio
Dr. Anne Wade has been a researcher and an instruction in the Criminal Justice field for 27 years. She is currently an Associate Professor at a Community College in North Carolina. She holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and a Ph.D. in Public Safety Leadership/Criminal Justice. Her research interests are in Criminology, Victimology, and the Human Services. She is married to Wesley Wade. She is an artist, writer, research, teacher, and trainer.