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Change Management in Organizations: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Implementation

Surbhi Jain

275 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The very nature of business and organizational activities is that they are not static, rigid or inflexible. They are dynamic; keep changing at a rapid pace over the time and all sorts of organizations have no choice but to face it, accept it and deal with it. Change in organization is inevitable and the key to handle all the eruptions caused is to- accept the change, change with it and manage it the best an organization can. The solution of coping with change is a process which helps an organization to handle and deal with the change. The terminology or the technical jargon given to this process is called change management. That’s where this textbook comes into the picture. As the name suggests - “Change Management in Organization: A comprehensive guide to Effective Implementation” - this book explains the process of change management as a whole. The core purpose of this textbook is to introduce students to the vast world of change management in different-different sorts of organizations. The textbook starts with giving a long and detailed introduction of change management. It talks about the various perspectives and views of many known pioneers in this field regarding management of change in the organization. It further talks about change management’s nature, pros and cons etc. to develop a deeper understanding among the students. It opens the door to newer domains in the change management field which have been explored rarely. It offers to awaken the consciousness of students and guides them to develop their own perspective and their own view of approaching the topic. This textbook not only talks about the theory of change management but also promises to present various kinds of practical approaches and models by famous and profound pioneers on the subject matter.The writing of this textbook has been truly a collective effort. It has been benefitted and blessed from the inputs received from various field experts and laureates in various sorts of forms, from university professors and school teachers and many other forces. In writing this textbook our sincere effort has been to address the concerns raised regarding the change managements by various practitioners. We have tried to collect the various suggestions by the experts in this field under one roof for the convenience of the readers and students alike. Furthermore, we have given points and counterpoints on the topics discussed, to engage the students and make the chapters lot more interesting. In keeping with the general guidelines, we have tried to reduce the load and attempted to make it as comprehensible as we can for the students and readers referring to this textbook. How far we have succeeded in our efforts, is left for the students and readers of this textbook to judge. It is our hope that students who go through this textbook will develop a proper scientific attitude and perspective for analyzing the change management in the organizations.We take great pleasure in placing this textbook in the hands of students, readers and teachers and also express our sincerest gratitude to all those who have provided their unstinted support in its writing and production.
Author Bio
Dr Surbhi Jain is the head of Academics at Regenesys Institute of Management. She has a PhD (management) and an MBA (Marketing and HR). She has over 10 years of experience. She reads voraciously and writes eclectically. She has published a book on Business communication and that is now a prescribed textbook for Mumbai university management course. She is currently authoring a book on Change management. This is in addition to 4 international research papers and 3 international case studies that she has published within the last 4 years. She has supervised 137 MBA students over the last 10 years for their research dissertations and 6 students are writing their doctoral thesis under her guidance. She believes in encouraging young individuals to see the beauty and potential that is within them and encouraging deep love and respect for others and the environment.