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Maleehah Gull

326 pages
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As the world is growing into techno-space, further benefits of technology are exposed to common individual. Technology has decreased the exaggerated constraints of time and cost. It allows mankind to make their ambitions true without worrying about physical resources and time. It even has lessened the expenses of establishing systems which can help mankind in several ways. The world has been getting closer from one end to another considering the fact that one individual can have approach to the whole world without moving out of his/her house.Like many other aspects of life, trade and business has been considered as the foundation of one’s bread earning. Whether it is rendering services or offering tangible products, either way it is related to trade something in return of the other. Back in the days when barter systems was followed, money revolutionized the business world and made everything easier for the entrepreneurs. The same has happened in case of technology. It has taken over all the other means of trade and major part of business in almost every part of world.The concept of E-entrepreneurship has also evolved with the passage of time and currently it has taken over the business process to the whole new level. E-entrepreneurship includes everything similar to traditional business but in electronic form and with way less fatigue of taking care of people and processes physically. This has saved and somehow replaced the human resource needs as well. An E-entrepreneur can start business with just one idea in his mind, implementing it through internet and letting the world know about it without any hurdles of time and resources.E-entrepreneurship has granted opportunities to every individual without any discrimination of race, ethnic, religion and gender but this process has some complexities as well which requires skills and abilities to get through it. E-entrepreneurship has been presented in this book as a strength to common individual. It is also important to know the process of being and E-entrepreneur. This book discusses in detail the different aspects of E-entrepreneurship, what it takes and how it works? It also discusses the challenges faced by such businesses and the entrepreneurs who adopt the concept of “E”.
Author Bio
Maleehah Gull obtained her Masters in Business Administration in Management Information System and Master of Science Degree in Project Management from University of Malaya. She served as lecturer for two years and Currently, pursuing her PhD in Management Science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.