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Global Terrorism: An Overview

Chester Alexis C. Buama

248 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The recent terrorist attacks in different parts of the world have necessitated people to crawl the internet to look for information and answers relating to terrorism activities. Terrorism dates back to the 18th century and it advances day by day. Terrorist organizations have also flourished and despite measure to counter their growth, they seem invincible due to their large networks and nefarious methods of operationThis book looks into various aspects of terrorism including an extensive historical overview of terrorism and related issues: definition of global terrorism, historic roots of terrorism politics, ideologies and strategies of both contemporary and older terrorist groups, terrorism today, recent attacks, trends in the Global Terrorism Index over the last 10 years. The law on terrorism, the relationship between terrorism and other forms of violence and political change, chronological survey of major terrorist attacks, trials, and other relevant events; ideas of the Left and Right, counter terrorism, justification of terrorism, brief biographies of leaders of terrorist groups and predictions and analysis on the future of global terrorism.The Book is meant to give the reader an insight into the development of history, so as to understand the terrorist mind, motivations, arguments, backgrounds and why some places are better targets of terrorist activities than others. Writing this book has been an insightful journey that has helped shaped my perspective on terrorism. I have come to understand why the response against terrorism is as worldwide as well as it has become.There is a lot of information out there regarding terrorism, a lot of which is not factual. To get the real facts I had to go through an intensive research on the subject from reliable information sources. The book is divided into related sections for ease of reading and referencing. You can read the section that is most relevant to you.However, I would recommend reading the whole book so as to have a holistic understanding of global terrorism and related issues.
Author Bio
Dr. Chester Alexis C. Buama is a College instructor at Laguna State Polytechnic University College of Arts and Sciences where he served as its College Research Coordinator, University Publication Adviser (Unit Head), Bay Breeze Group of Publications and Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction Quality Assurance. He is also a member of local and international organizations: he is a fellow and senior Member of the Royal of Management and the Royal Institute of Educators, Singapore, Reading Association of the Philippines, and International English Learners Training Institute. He was a Philippine Youth Ambassador to ASEAN countries and Japan which was sponsored by the Cabinet Office of Japan and Office of the President of the Philippines in 2010. He has a Master in Management major in Public Administration and a Business Journalism. He was conferred a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy major in Public Administration, h.c. in 2016 and Doctorate Degree in Philosophy major in Business Management in 2018. At present he is teaching Principles of Management and Organization, Good Governance and Social Responsibility, Business Communication, Macro and Micro Economics and Philippine History and Constitution. Moreover, he has actively participated in the Civic Activities of the Global Cooperation Society International, Philippine National Chapter and is often invited as resource speaker in various journalism and leadership seminars in Laguna. He is a fellow of Royal Institute of Management under the Royal Institution of Singapore. Recently, he was awarded the Ambassador Seal of Excellence for Education Researcher Practitioner as 2018 Outstanding Premier College Professor and Humanitarian Service Excellence Award by the Asia Pacific Excellence Council, Inc.