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Quantum Optics Applications

Nelson Bolívar

399 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Optics is the branch of science that is responsible for the study of light in all forms.We can classify it in general using different approaches:Geometric optics:Uses of the idea that light is transmitted in a straight line. It is the oldest branch of optics, and studies a basic level of the phenomena, with practically empirical laws, both reflection and refraction of light waves in a material media.It is usually useful when the wavelength is very small compared to the other distances involved in the system, and when the angles of incidence that cross the light are small.Electromagnetic Optics:It is studied by means of solutions of Maxwell's equations. This is usually the study of the classical propagation of harmonic waves in material media.It takes the refraction, reflection and diffraction from the microscopic point of view. It has applications in engineering as well as in optometry. It is possible to say that a great part of the electromagnetic optic refers to the study of the light like a wave instead a corpuscle.Statistical optics:It arises by considering the electromagnetic field less idealized, supposes stochastic distributions for the electromagnetic field and treats the emission of light as a random process. It studies phenomena such as holography and interferometry.Quantum optics:Both emitters and receivers have characteristics that obey the laws of quantum physics. One of these fundamental characteristics is the interference between the processes using "indistinguishability of the particles".It has applications in spectroscopy and interferometry. Since the description of propagation is governed by the laws of quantum physics, the relationship with atomic physics, with solid state physics and condensed matter is relevant.The Book starts with an introduction to carbon devices, historical and basis. The Book starts with an introduction to quantum optics and Section 1 is mainly focus on the introduction to modern characteristics of quantum systems in optics. Section 2 is devoted to some applications, physical properties and advantages.
Author Bio
Nelson Bolivar has a PhD. in physics from the University of Lorraine in France finished in 2014. His expertise is in quantum systems and condensed matter. His interest includes spintronic devices and correspondences between general relativity and condensed matter. He is currently an associate professor at the Central University of Venezuela