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The Second Movement

Nova Scotia Outstanding Outhouse Reader #2

Vernon Oickle

224 pages
Macintyre Purcell

A hilarious second compendium of Canadian trivia perfect for bathroom reading.

Do you know Canada's oldest general store is in Nova Scotia? Or that the last British soldier killed in the First World War was born here? Or that the first UFO sighting in North America was recorded on October 12, 1796 in what today is New Minas? Did you know the world's smallest operating drawbridge is located in Yarmouth County? Or that Minard's Liniment was created here in the 1860s to relieve muscle pain and stiffness, back pain and arthritis pain?

From the creation of grape nut ice cream to the birthplace of Freemasonry in Canada, to the oldest farmers' market in the country, the largest wooden church in North America and the world's largest apple, The Second Movement is the book that should be in every self-respecting Nova Scotian's outhouse.

Author Bio
"Finally. An outhouse book that isn't full of crap! The Second Movement: Nova Scotia Outstanding Outhouse Reader #2 is filled with intriguing facts and stories about Canada's Ocean Playground that will give you a new perspective on the province." —Richard Crouse, host of CTV's Pop Life