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We Love Nova Scotia

A People's Portrait

Vernon Oickle

96 pages
Macintyre Purcell
Drawn from the images on the "We Love Nova Scotia" community Facebook group, these photos prove being in the right place at the right time does matter. From Meat Cove to Cape Forchu and down every back road and into every cove along the coast, We Love Nova Scotia is a collection of stunning photography from photographers from around the province. This is no ordinary photography book. It is a book about Nova Scotia by people who love Nova Scotia. Curated by author Vernon Oickle.
Author Bio
"As a journalist and photographer for nearly 30 years, I have seen and photographed countless images that speak to the beauty and spirit of Nova Scotia. That so many other photographers — everyday people, who, like so many of us, appreciate what our province has to offer visually — have taken such captivating images to add to the story of our province is a wonderful thing. We Love Nova Scotia — whats not to love?" —Tina Comeau, editor, Tri-County Vanguard