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Out of Old Maine Kitchens

Nancy Griffin

180 pages
Macintyre Purcell
Out of Old Maine Kitchens tells the story of the state's early inhabitants through the foods they prepared. Feast on dozens of photographs, more than 80 recipes and countless recollections. From the campfires of the rugged explorers and the outdoor kitchens of the early settlers, to the bread ovens of the immigrants who set down roots in the state, Maine residents of all stripes have contributed to a rich culinary heritage. They bring to the table a delectable spread of culturally diverse dishes, adapted to the local landscape and influenced by a determination to survive, and then thrive, on food from the forest, rivers, lakes, and rocky soil. The tastes and aromas of those early kitchens come to life on pages filled with memories, hand-written recipes, and colourful images from bygone days. Savour the stories, pictures, and flavours from Out of Old Maine Kitchens.