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Escape to Reality

How the World is Changing Gardening, and Gardening is Changing the World

Mark Cullen Ben Cullen

168 pages
Nimbus Publishing

Why do we garden? Why should we? How is gardening changing the world?

These are just some of the philosophical gardening questions pondered in this heartfelt and gorgeously designed book. An informed and personal reflection on gardening in Canada from the country's preeminent horticultural expert, Escape to Reality goes beyond the hows that are the focus of most gardening books and explores the whys. In short, narrative essays, topics range from garden and nature as therapy to who we are as gardeners and what life values we gain through the experience of gardening. It also includes some practical tips for cultivating and coexisting with your garden. Co-written with son, Ben Cullen, bestselling author and horticultural consultant Mark Cullen's newest book is sure to find a home on the shelves of mindful gardeners across the country, and beyond. Proceeds benefit the Highway of Heroes. Includes original illustrations.

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Chapter 1 - Gardening Success
Chapter 2 - Unsung Garden Heroes
Chapter 3 - A Cure for Plant Blindness
Chapter 4 - What We Can Learn from the British
Chapter 5 - A Wealth of Bees
Chapter 6 - Think Like a Hummingbird
Chapter 7 - Bring on the Critters

Chapter 8 - Stop, in the Name of Food
Chapter 9 - Local Food for Everyone
Chapter 10 - Imagine Food Libraries
Chapter 11 - Options for Locavores
Chapter 12 - The Birds and the Bees: The Talk You Never Had
Chapter 13 - Insect Hotels
Chapter 14 - What Gardeners Can Learn from Farmers
Chapter 15 - You Have a Notification from Mother Nature (Mark and Ben Cullen)

Chapter 16 - Dear Garden, I Have Changed
Chapter 17 - What Your Garden Means to You
Chapter 18 - A Home, a Job, and a Friend
Chapter 19 - Promise Me a Rose Garden
Chapter 20 - Health Benefits of Nature
Chapter 21 - Observing Beauty
Chapter 22 - The Value of Urban Trees

Chapter 23 - Lessons My Garden Has Taught Me
Chapter 24 - The Old Man and the Tree
Chapter 25 - Digging Deep
Chapter 26 - A New Vision of Urban Development
Chapter 27 - To Think Like a Plant (Mark and Ben Cullen)
Chapter 28 - "Certified"
Chapter 29 - Climate Change Is Real for Gardeners
Chapter 30 - Finding Meaning at the "End of Growth" (Ben Cullen)