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The August Gales

The Tragic Loss of Fishing Schooners in the North Atlantic 1926 and 1927

Gerald Hallowell

256 pages
Nimbus Publishing

Three different fishing communities, three different countries, but in their pursuit of fish on the banks they would have much in common, including the terrors of the North Atlantic storms.

The August Gales is a richly detailed history of the banks fishery, the perils of the North Atlantic, and more specifically, the three powerful, and ultimately deadly, August storms that devastated not only an industry, but entire communities. The great gale of 1873, which struck near the eastern mainland of Nova Scotia, was only a prelude to the gales of 1926 and 1927, which brought unthinkable grief to the towns of Lunenburg and Gloucester as well as the island of Newfoundland. (On one fateful day, a woman in the village of Blue Rocks, near Lunenburg, lost her husband, two of his brothers, and three of her own brothers.) Impeccably researched and with over 40 black and white images, The August Gales is a fascinating and at times moving account of the schooners that made their living, and met their end, in the famed North Atlantic gales.

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Dark Days of Mourning
1. Lunenburg and the Banks Fishery
2. An Island in a Stormy Sea
3. The August Gale of 1926
4. The August Gale of 1927
5. Newfoundland and the August Gale of 1927
6. The Gloucester Connection
7. The Call of the Sea
8. Afterword: Day of Festivity and Hope