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Change for Good

An Action-Oriented Approach for Businesses to Benefit from Solving the World's Most Urgent Social Problems

Paul Klein

272 pages
Ecw Press

“I wish we had this book forty years ago!” — Ben Cohen, co-founder, Ben & Jerry’s

An action-oriented approach for businesses to solve the world’s most urgent social problems — and benefit from doing so.

More than a year into a global pandemic, profit and shareholder value are no longer the primary metric of business success. Customers, shareholders, and communities are demanding that companies do good, do more, and do better. In Change for Good, Paul Klein shows how companies must move beyond what he calls “corporate social responsibility light” and demonstrate how they can help solve social problems that have been defined as UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Change for Good is a new system for making social change through business that reflects Paul’s experience over the last 35 years. One of the core principles of Change for Good is including people with lived experience of social problems in identifying promising solutions and collaborating to bring these solutions to life. This methodology can create impactful and sustainable social change in society in ways that aren’t possible when executives make decisions in their boardrooms that are intended to impact the lives of vulnerable people.

Through personal experiences, case studies, and practical tools, Change for Good will inspire readers and their organizations to make the shift from a passive social responsibility to taking action to help solve the world’s most pressing social problems.

Author Bio

Paul Klein is a global authority on helping businesses benefit from solving social problems. In 2001, Paul founded impakt, a B Corp that helps corporations improve their social impact on the world. Paul is also the founder of the Impakt Foundation for Social Change, an organization that creates pathways to employment for vulnerable people. He resides in Toronto, Ontario.