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Courage, Sacrifice and Betrayal

The Story of the Victoria Rifles of Canada, 60th Battalion, in the First World War

Richard Pyves

384 pages
Ecw Press
Courage, Sacrifice and Betrayal provides a detailed account of the day-to-day operations of the 60th Battalion and the lives of its many soldiers. The 60th is one of only 50 battalions to actually fight as a unit as part of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War I. It was the 60th Battalion that captured, on day two of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the villages of Vimy and Petit Vimy. Engagements at Vimy Ridge, Sanctuary Wood, the Somme, and Regina trenches are set against the backdrop of the broader Canadian, British, and French combat operations against the Germans and their allies. Author Richard Pyves skillfully brings readers into “the moment of war” through many long-forgotten personal accounts and letters included in the book. Rich in historical fact, Courage, Sacrifice and Betrayal provides an intimate portrayal of life in the trenches and reveals the destructive emotional impact of war.
Author Bio
Richard Pyves is the author of Night Madness: A Rear Gunner’s Story of Love, Courage, and Hope in WWII, published by Red Deer Press. His grandfather, Sergeant Edward Lewis Pyves (military medal), and great uncle Lance Corporal Stanley Pyves served with the 60th Battalion along with Private A.Y. Jackson, the future Group of Seven artist.