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Week of This

a novel in seven days

Nathan Whitlock

267 pages
Ecw Press
“Whitlock possesses a strong command of language and an easiness with metaphor; his characters are drawn evocatively, even when they act predictably.” — Booklist “The overlaying of the blandness of the town, the grayness of the weather, and the gradual eroding of people’s dreams lead not to the depressive work one would think but to an acceptance of the ongoing routine of life. In the end, there is a calm resolution suggesting that this is what life has dealt you; keep on going. Recommended.” — Library Journal BackLit bonus material includes an explorative essay by the author and more.
Author Bio
Nathan Whitlock’s writing has appeared in The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Maisonneuve, Canadian Notes & Queries, Geist, Best Canadian Essays, and elsewhere. He grew up in the Ottawa Valley and currently lives in Toronto, ON.