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The Music Tree

32 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Luke the frog is too busy to play the trumpet his grandfather sent him, and when Granddad sends him a seed, Luke is frustrated that it is slow to grow—until it responds to the music of a band of street musicians. Luke and the musicians play until the magical tree is tall and strong, and until Luke loves playing his trumpet. This is a story about patience and effort with delightful retro/folk art style illustrations.
Author Bio
Julia Valtanen ==============

Julia Valtanen is an author and illustrator currently living in Tallinn, Estonia. Julia has an MA degree in graphic design with many years experience in this field. However, Julia has recently found her real passion - writing and illustrating stories for children. The main source of Julia's inspiration is nature and she uses this to help teach children to love and care about their environment.