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A Cub Called Crash

40 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Join the adventures of a young bear cub named Crash in this heartwarming tale as he discovers the wonders of the wilderness with his loving mother. Set in a beautiful, yet hazardous natural environment, Crash needs to learn about his surroundings and overcome many new obstacles. This is a journey filled with fun, courage, and warmth as Crash learns to find his place in this vast and wondrous world. Based on a real-life Alaskan brown bear, “A Cub Called Crash” features a thought provoking narrative that combines an understanding of one’s true nature and the delights of the world around us.
Author Bio
Sasha Kahn ==========

Sasha Kahn loves children and animals and hopes to instill in kids a love for nature and the environment and responsibility for its stewardship. A native New Yorker, she has written for theatre, film and television. Sasha studied English and Theatre at Cornell University and the Samuel Beckett School of Drama at Trinity College, Dublin. She has learned much mentoring elementary school students and teachingpre-schoolers. She’s even encountered a few bears. This is her first children’s book.