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32 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
Arturo is a cheeky show-off and he loves to pull faces and be silly. He desperately wants to be the center of everybody's attention and even has dreams of becoming the most famous anteater in the whole wide world. Out of the blue, he gets just what he's been wishing for and all eyes are on him! But will life in the spotlight turnout to be everything he imagined...? A hilarious, cautionary tale of a naughty, very cheeky anteater who loves to be the center of attention.
Author Bio
Hannah Beech ============

Hannah Beech is an illustrator and designer based in Cornwall, UK. She studied illustration at Bath Spa University and later completed her MA in Children's Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Arts, UK. Since graduating, Hannah has designed characters and patterns for kids' clothing and grown-up textiles, and dabbled in a little bit of toy design too. Hannah also works as a graphic designer and creates her own handmade screen-prints. When she's not busy coloring in, you'll probably find her walking on the cliff tops, eating ice cream or planning her next adventure over the sea and far away...