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The Crocodile Bird

Margaret Tolland Richard Turner

32 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
All the creatures in the River Nile flee when they see the crocodile—all except one, that is. Unafraid, a little bird called a plover enters the crocodile’s open mouth, showing an alleged symbiotic relationship between two species. This book with rhyming verse and realistic illustrations will entertain and educate.
Author Bio
Margaret Tolland ================ Margaret Tolland is an artist from New Zealand, whose illustrations are packed with detail. Through her work, get closer to the habitats and lifestyles of the many species, both flora and fauna, that she explores with an eye on environmental education. With twenty years’ experience in visual arts education and working in a gallery, Margaret now illustrates full-time. Although she had a fear of spiders, after painting them in detail, she now appreciates how amazing they are. Richard Turner ============== Richard Turner is an author and Performing Arts teacher in Adelaide South Australia, who supports children’s creative voices through drama and dance. He has directed and choreographed musicals, working with students who can sing and dance way better than he can. Like most people, Richard has to be told to eat his peas, but never has to be told to eat his jellybeans or ice cream. He has been on a skateboard, a rollercoaster, an elephant and a camel. He has also been on a spaceship to the moon, but only in his dreams!