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Emotions in Motion

Lisa Allen Rose Stanley

32 pages
Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd
“Emotions in Motion” is a wonderful resource for supporting children in understanding, recognising and expressing emotions. This book explores the whole spectrum of emotions through glorious words and illustrations. It encourages children to identify their own emotions and to be able to express and understand them. In the first section of the book the author has delightfully matched each highlighted emotion to a color, the illustrator has illustrated a facial expression that may match the emotion, and then the author describes the emotion as a simile. The second portion of the book could almost be described as a simple workbook, to help children record and explore their own emotional concerns.
Author Bio
Lisa Allen ==========

Lisa Allen is a New Zealand graphic designer and freelance illustrator. She also paints on commission and teaches art. Lisa has illustrated a number of successful picture books including Mangrove (Penguin 2007) and Anzac Day Parade (Penguin 2010).

Rose Stanley ============

Rose Stanley worked as a Student Support Specialist in a New Zealand primary school for six years and has most recently been an advisor for the Lifewalk Trust, where she trains volunteers working in a similar support role. Her work has involved supporting many children as they went through difficult life experiences including bereavement, family separations and friendship problems.