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Violaine Schwartz Christine Gutman

176 pages
Fern Books Llc
Assembled from testimonials and interviews with current and former asylum seekers in France, as well as hearing records, administrative letters, and newspaper articles, Papers is a quietly monumental work of both literary and documentary art, a harrowing and enlightening portrayal of the modern refugee experience. Gathered here are the voices of men and women from around the world, united by the urgent need to leave their native country, risk their lives to make it to Europe, and begin the often bewildering process of securing the papers that will affirm their right to stay. Related without melodrama or self-pity, these are stories about the absurdity of bureaucracy, the agony of waiting, the pain of leaving everything behind and the courage to do so anyway. They are a testament to the brutal indignities of war and corruption and exile, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of it all. A fearless, candid, compassionate book for our troubled global times.
Author Bio

Violaine Schwartz is a French novelist, playwright, singer and stage actor. Her novel Le Vent dans la bouche (Éditions P.O.L) was awarded the 2013 Prix Eugène Dabit du Roman Populiste. In addition to writing and performing, she leads writing workshops in a variety of settings.

Christine Gutman is a Paris-based translator. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Papers is her first published literary translation.