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Dear You

Letters of Identity in Yeshua for Women

Victoria Humphrey

225 pages
Messianic Jewish Pub & Res Llc
Dear You is about discovering the truth of who you are as a beloved and courageous daughter of the King. It is an invitation to uncover what Elohim says about you through Scripture, silencing all other noise that vies to define you. While weaving together personal testimonies from other women, along with an opportunity to unearth your own unique story, it presents the challenge to leave a shallow life behind by taking a leap into the abundant life Yeshua offers.
Author Bio
About the Author: Victoria Humphrey is an author and Certified Biblical Life Coach who is passionate about equipping women to embrace their own unique, Adonai-given destinies. She loves traveling the world, meeting new people, and weaving together stories to illustrate Adonai s great love and faithfulness.