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From Trade to Self- Sustainability

Ending Poverty Begins With Creating Wealth

Daniel Jean - Louis

224 pages
Fresh Strategy Press

Ending Poverty Begins With Creating Wealth

How does a country move from simply making trade-based transactions that support the economy to making superior transactions that increase wealth exponentially?

Daniel Jean-Louis presents a well-researched and tested plan to move countries forward toward wealth. And wealth, he says, is the path to moving citizens and countries out of poverty.

Jean-Louis takes his Opportunity-Based Economic Development plan (OBED), outlined in his first book From Aid to Trade, and develops it via research and examples to create a tested strategy that countries can follow to move forward.

Discover information on five key OBED principles:

1- Wealth acceleration Moving GDP percentages from Agriculture to Manufacturing to Services

2- Diversifying across the economy

3- Avoiding income inequality

4- Pursuing SEVA (superior economic value added)

5- From Trade to Self-Sustainability offers a sure path toward economic success and reduction of poverty.

Author Bio

Daniel Jean-Louis, author of From Aid to Trade: Lessons Learned from Haiti, is an international speaker, expert on business-driven growth in the developing world, and founder of Bridge Capital, a private investment firm. He and his family live in Port-au-Prince and run Trinity Lodge.