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Christ Our Salvation

Expositions and Proclamations

John Webster Daniel J. Bush

224 pages
Lexham Press
The church's vocation is to treasure the gospel and live it out. The late theologian John Webster believed Christian preachers and theologians should be principally concerned with the proclamation of this news. At the center of that proclamation is our salvation in Christ.

In this compilation of homilies, John Webster explores the various contours of the salvation accomplished for us in Christ and displays for preachers a model of theological exegesis that understands that the gospel is the heart of holy Scripture. Readers of Christ Our Salvation will be presented with a feast of "theological" theology for Christian proclamation.
Author Bio
John Webster (1955–2016) was professor of divinity at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Former chaplain at St. John's, Durham, and canon of Christ Church, Oxford, he preached and lectured internationally. He is the author of many books, including God without Measure, vols. I & II, The Domain of the Word, and Holy Scripture: A Dogmatic Sketch.