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Christ Above All

The Book of Hebrews

Adrio König Craig G. Bartholomew David Beldman

112 pages
Lexham Press
Look to Christ, the ultimate revelation of God.

The letter to the Hebrews asks questions aimed at the heart of what it looks like for Christians to walk in Christ's footsteps. How should Christians relate to the Old Testament? What are we to make of the New Testament's urgent pleas to persevere in the faith? Can we really lose our salvation? How does Jesus model both humility in his humanity and the glory of God through his earthly life? These questions continue to be fiercely debated by Christians. The ancient letter to the Hebrews answers all by focusing on Christ's magnificent love and greatness. In Christ Above All, Adrio König puts readers in the shoes of the original audience of Hebrews and shows how, in a world full of competing claims to power and authority, Christ--in all his glory and humanity--really does surpass all others.

In the Transformative Word series, you'll read the Bible with a global cast of church leaders and scholars. In conversational tone, contributors from around the world explain the importance of a biblical book, showing how it can transform your life.
Author Bio
Adrio König started as a professor of systematic theology at the University of South Africa in 1975 and has become well known as a gifted author of academic and popular books and articles. He is a sought--after speaker and preacher as well as a facilitator of and participant in public debates.