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Digital Libraries: Methods and Applications

Rajesh Kumar Singh

234 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Digital libraries are much more than we can ever imagine. If you have the link then you have the material needed at hand, whether it is books, videos, art, etc. it may be there. Then you have the people behind the scenes, working hard to push out content at a rapid pace. They must have a management system, a device to run the software on, and the material to digitize (if they have the copyright), etc. Going even further back, we have the people who helped shape what digital libraries are today. Vannevar Bush and J.C.R. Licklider’s ideas sparked a digital revolution. You have the men who made the digital libraries that are used today popular. You also have the men who made the first mouse, the first computer, and the first keyboard. The reason these three are mentioned is because how else can we view our digital libraries today if these devices were never invented. Also, the guy who created the World Wide Web (WWW). They all are founders of the technology we use today.In this book, digital libraries will be explained, introducing things you may not have known, from the history to the future of digital libraries. What has changed? Where will it go from here?
Author Bio
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh, Ph.D., has contributed research papers in Journals and Library Seminars and authored more than half a dozen books on vari­ous disciplines of the Library and Information Science. He is Life Member of ILA, UPLA and IASLIC. Presently Dr. Singh is University Librarian and HOD, besides Convener Member, Board of Studies, Department of Library And Information Science, Dr. RML Avadh University, Faizabad (UP).