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And the Lake Will Take Them

300 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

Chilling cold cases resurface as Sheriff Red Hammergren hunts for a missing teen, exposing the dark underbelly of a storm-bound Minnesota town.

Amid a fierce snowstorm sweeping across rural Minnesota, near the icy shores of Hammer Lake, an isolated cabin goes up in flames, leaving a critically injured high school drug dealer and a missing girl in its wake. The disappearance propels Sheriff Red Hammergren into action to find the troubled young girl, Missy Klein, the daughter of Junior Klein-the victim of an unsolved cold case years prior.

As Red peels back the layers of Missy's vanishing, she uncovers a chilling nexus of drug trafficking pervading through her community with roots to the local high school. Unknown to Red, her investigations have roused a malevolent presence, a killer lurking within the storm.a killer that would do anything to stop the sheriff's probing.

Red soon reveals a terrifying link between Missy's peril and the unresolved cold cases she has tirelessly sought to solve. Engulfed in a battle against both the elements and time, Red must navigate her community's shadowy corners and frozen woods to rescue Missy and halt the advances of a killer-all before the storm engulfs the truth in its icy grasp.

Author Bio
Linda Norlander is the author of the Sheriff Red mystery series and A Cabin by the Lake mystery series. She is also the author of the Liza and Mrs. Wilkens mystery series beginning with The Death of Goldie's Mistress. Norlander has published award winning short stories, op-ed pieces and short humor featured in regional and national publications. Before taking up the pen to write murder mysteries, she worked in end-of-life care. During her career in nursing, she published several award-winning books including To Comfort Always: A Nurse's Guide to End of Life Care and Choices as the End of Life: Finding Out What Your Parents Want. Norlander resides in Tacoma, Washington with her spouse.