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A Voice of Reason

A Legal Thriller

300 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

In the quiet of the mountains, a sidelined attorney stumbles upon a case that could be her salvation.or downfall.

Amidst the fallout of a career-threatening scandal, lawyer Maggie Reynolds finds herself serving a six-month suspension. In search of some peace, she retreats to a secluded mountain cabin nestled deep in Georgia, a sanctuary offered by a reclusive friend connected to the Ackers family.

Clive Mortlake, the property owner and a man of keen intellect, seeks Maggie's legal expertise in return for her stay. He presents her with a case that's as personal as it is perplexing: the inexplicable disappearance of his son, Art Mortlake. A senior at Duke University, Art's sudden vanishing act after an evening at a local bar left no clues, no communications, and a cold trail. The official investigation has dwindled, and a haunting suspicion of murder looms over the unanswered questions.

Contrary to the grim theories, Clive is adamant that his son is alive, and ensnared by vindictive corporate rivals from his past. This conviction is bolstered when an enigmatic message surfaces, suggesting that Art might indeed be alive.

For Maggie, this case, laden with mystery and risk, could either mark a triumphant return to law or spell the end of her legal journey, challenging her resolve and her ability to untangle truth from fiction in a world where everyone has something to hide.

From attorney and author Joe Cargile comes A VOICE OF REASON, a must-read for fans of John Grisham and Michael Connelly.

Author Bio
Joe Cargile is an American novelist, lawyer, and displaced Southerner. The pages from his books are filled with settings that have been influenced by his love for travel, sports, and the ever-evolving South. With stories inspired by his work in the courtroom-an arena he believes plays host to fearsome competitors, and often some of our world's most interesting characters-he holds deep admiration for those tireless advocates who set the standard for the trial lawyer. He lives and works in London, England, with his wife and three daughters.