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Serpent's Fury

260 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

The final battle for SynCorp's survival comes home to where it all began: Earth.

Masada Station is secured. Adriana Rabh, Regent of Callisto, has evaded capture. But Cassandra is about to put Tony Taulke, the CEO and living symbol of SynCorp itself, on trial for his life.

Ruben Qinlao leaps into action to free Tony, while Stacks Fischer escorts Bekah Franklin to the Moon to complete Project Jericho-key to defeating Cassandra.

Meanwhile, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 13-year-old Benjy Anderson faces the toughest moment of his young life as his mother falls victim to Dreamscape's addictive seduction. But then he catches a conqueror's golden eye...

SynCorp and the SSR prepare for a final, bloody engagement above Earth-mankind's birthplace and the seat of the largest corporate empire in history. Who will live? Who will die? What fate awaits humanity when the dust of battle clears?

Author Bio
David Bruns is a former officer on a nuclear-powered submarine turned high-tech executive turned speculative-fiction writer. He mostly writes sci-fi/fantasy and military thrillers. He resides in Minnesota. Chris Pourteau is a technical writer and editor by day, a writer of original fiction and editor of short story collections by night (or whenever else he can find the time). He lives in College Station, Texas.