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The Giant Awakens

474 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

The world is at war.

Japan has just attacked Pearl Harbor. In London, Prime Minister Churchill disappears. In Washington, President Roosevelt faces an alliance with conflicting objectives. In the Soviet Union, dictator Joseph Stalin watches a Nazi onslaught maul his country.

From their isolated perch on Sark Island, feudal rulers Dame Marian Littlefield and her husband oppose their German occupiers in the only way left to them-through a battle of wits. They wonder about the location and well-being of their offspring, Paul, Claire, Lance, and Jeremy.

Meanwhile, Paul engages in intelligence operations in Manhattan and Washington, DC. Claire works with Americans decoding enemy messages. Lance conspires to escape with other POWs at Oflag IV-C within the walls of Colditz Castle. Jeremy leaves his heart with Amélie in France to join the British commandos for the greatest raid in history.

And in Moscow, the Russian winter has just set in.

The saga of the Littlefield family intensifies in THE GIANT AWAKENS, recipient of the 2023 MWSA Gold Medal.


Praise for Lee Jackson and the AFTER DUNKIRK series:

"...an exceptional work of historical fiction..." -Lieutenant General Rick Lynch, US Army (Ret.)

"...compelling fiction is masterfully woven in with the actual events..." -John J. Gobbell, author of The Last Lieutenant

"A sweeping, wonderfully crafted saga...Jackson has created a masterful, enduring tale." -H.W. "Buzz" Bernard, award-winning author of When Heroes Flew

"[Jackson]...deftly balances the deeply personal stories of his characters with the action..." -Commander George Wallace, USN (Ret.), author of Warshot and Operation Golden Dawn

"There is intrigue and action galore, but also true and gripping personal depth in this remarkable story..." -Don Keith, author of Final Bearing and Only the Brave


What readers are saying:

????? "...fantastic..."
????? "...blown away..."
????? "...truly outstanding..."
????? "...hooked on this series..."
????? "...found myself totally immersed..."

Author Bio
Lee Jackson is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Reluctant Assassin series and the After Dunkirk series. He graduated from West Point and is a former Infantry Officer of the US Army. Lee deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, splitting 38 months between them as a senior intelligence supervisor for the Department of the Army. Lee lives and works with his wife in Texas, and his novels are enjoyed by readers around the world.