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Failed State

A Prosecution Force Thriller

364 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

It’s the most oil-rich nation on planet earth.

But the people are starving. The government is in chaos.

Welcome to Venezuela.

On the heels of an attempted assassination that has left her fighting for her own life, President Maggie Trousdale is once again faced with the impossible task of securing a volatile Free World. When an anonymous informant provides evidence that the assassination attempt was an act of international aggression, Trousdale has no choice but to chase the enemy into the heart of economically devastated Venezuela.

She’ll send the Prosecution Force—Reed Montgomery and his team of off-the-books operators who are motivated by their own thirst for revenge. Deep in hostile territory with global security on the line, what Reed finds in South America is worse than anyone imagined.

A superpower is making a play. Venezuela’s wealth is up for grabs.

If it falls into the wrong hands, it just might fund the next world war.

The fourth title in Logan Ryles's action-packed Prosecution Force series kicks everything up a notch. From Moscow to Caracas to Washington, Reed and his team will fight harder than ever to forestall war before it's too late.

Author Bio
Logan Ryles was born in small-town USA and knew from an early age he wanted to be a writer. After working as a pizza delivery driver, sawmill operator, and banker, he finally embraced the dream and has been writing ever since. With a passion for action-packed and mystery-laced stories, Logan’s work has ranged from global-scale political thrillers to small-town vigilante hero fiction. Beyond writing, Logan enjoys saltwater fishing, road trips, sports, and fast cars. He’s married to psychological thriller writer Annie Harlow, and together with their three fun-loving dogs they enjoy a happy life of crafting suspense and mayhem from their suburban home in Alabama.