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The Green Samurai

288 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

When a violent turf war between rival Yakuza clans exposes a burgeoning black market gun trade in Tokyo, FBI profiler Sterling Gray must hunt a shadowy criminal mastermind.

After a brutal battle for supremacy between opposing Yakuza syndicates goes south, gun violence explodes in the Tokyo underground and quickly spreads throughout the city. Desperate to curb the influx of firearms, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is forced to seek help from Interpol.

Special Agent Sterling Gray is adept at taking down international fugitives.but in the world of the Yakuza, being a foreigner paints a target on his back. Teaming up with TMPD investigator Mariko Tamura, the pair are tasked with profiling the invisible ringleader behind the complex arms trafficking network.

But as a clearer picture of their quarry begins to take shape, the details just don't seem to add up. The culprit is poised to slip through their fingers, and Gray can't escape the feeling that he's missing something critical. If he wants to uncover the truth, he'll have to seek help from the unlikeliest of allies-and put his mind and combat skills to the ultimate test.

Because in a city with enemies around every corner, any mistake can be fatal.

Packed with riveting action and set in the tumultuous world of the Japanese criminal underground, The Green Samurai is a pulse-pounding adventure by WSJ and USA Today bestselling authors Brian Shea and Ty Hutchinson, perfect for fans of James Patterson and Michael Connelly.

Author Bio
Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brian Shea has spent most of his adult life in service to his country and local community. He honorably served as an officer in the U.S. Navy. In his civilian life, he reached the rank of Detective and accrued eleven years of law enforcement experience between Texas and Connecticut. Somewhere in the mix he spent five years as a fifth-grade schoolteacher. Brian's myriad of life experience is woven into the tapestry of each character's design. He resides in New England and is blessed with an amazing wife and three beautiful daughters.Ty Hutchinson is a USA Today best seller. Since 2013, Ty has been traveling nonstop worldwide, all while banging away on his laptop and cranking out international crime and action thrillers. Immersing himself in different cultures, especially the food, is a passion that often finds its way into his stories.