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Among Wolves

208 pages
Severn River Publishing Llc

They were promised a simple job. Now they're fighting for their lives.

When a so-called "easy op" to protect business tycoon Drake Cryer on a shady deal goes horribly wrong, former Delta Force operative Shepherd and his top-notch partner Lucky are faced with a situation that's quickly spiraling into chaos. The pair are catapulted into a deadly mission to escape the clutches of a vicious Russian warlord.

Forced to team up with the infamous Darcy Brothers-a legendary mercenary duo with an uncanny ability to cheat death-Shepherd and Lucky must push their skills to the brink if they want to get out alive.

But they're stranded deep in hostile territory. With a sinister extortion plot hanging over the head of the CEO they swore to protect, Shepherd and his team will need to dance with the devil as they carry out a cunning plan to escape the country in one piece.

Death lurks around every corner-because nowhere is safe when you're Among Wolves.

As the explosive sequel in the action-packed Shepherd and Fox thriller series, USA Today bestselling authors Brian Shea and Kristi Belcamino bring you a suspense-fueled thrill ride that's perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, David Baldacci's The Innocent, and Jack Carr's The Terminal List.

Author Bio
Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brian Shea has spent most of his adult life in service to his country and local community. He honorably served as an officer in the U.S. Navy. In his civilian life, he reached the rank of Detective and accrued eleven years of law enforcement experience between Texas and Connecticut. Somewhere in the mix he spent five years as a fifth-grade schoolteacher. Brian's myriad of life experience is woven into the tapestry of each character's design. He resides in New England and is blessed with an amazing wife and three beautiful daughters.USA Today bestselling author and Agatha, Anthony, Barry, and Macavity-award finalist Kristi Belcamino writes dark mysteries about fierce women seeking justice. She is a crime fiction writer, cops beat reporter, and Italian mama who also bakes a tasty biscotti. In her former life, as an award-winning crime reporter at newspapers in California, she flew over Big Sur in an FA-18 jet with the Blue Angels, raced a Dodge Viper at Laguna Seca and attended barbecues at the morgue.