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The Chemistry of Food

Carla Mooney Traci Van Wagoner

128 pages
Nomad Press Llc

A fun way for middle schoolers to learn about chemistry—through food! Includes hands-on science projects and graphic novel type illustrations.

Why does tomato sauce taste different from fresh tomatoes? Why does pasta go limp when you cook it in boiling water? What makes ice cream melt?

In The Chemistry of Food, middle school readers learn the science behind the food they love to eat as they explore the chemistry within the meal, how nutrition works, what creates flavor, and why texture is important. What better place to learn the fundamentals of chemistry than in the kitchen? This book offers detailed explanations of five ways chemistry is part of the food they eat. Hands-on, science-minded investigations, links to online resources and media, career connections, and text-to-world questions all create a delicious learning experience for ages 12 to 15. Plus recipes!

Author Bio

Carla Mooney has written more than 70 books for children and young adults. Her work has appeared in many magazines including Highlights, Faces, and Learning Through History. Carla lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Traci Van Wagoner holds degrees in illustration from Utah State University and in toy design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. A longtime member of SCBWI, Van Wagoner has illustrated many children’s books, and her work appears in magazines, newsletters, and on toys and games. Traci lives in New York City, New York.