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Iberoamerican Neomedievalisms

“The Middle Ages” and Its Uses in Latin America

227 pages
Amsterdam University Press

This is the first volume fully dedicated to Iberoamerican neomedievalisms. It examines “the Middle Ages” and its uses in Iberoamerica: the Spanish and Portuguese American postcolonies. It is an especially timely topic as scholars in neomedievalism studies become increasingly conscious that the field has different trajectories outside Europe and beyond the English-speaking world.

The collection provides needed alternatives to the by-now standardized understanding of neomedievalism as allied to nationalism, nostalgia, xenophobia, origin stories, elitism, and white Christian identity. It dislocates the field from its established trends and finds generative, yet unexplored examples of neomedievalism: political, religious, literary, and gendered. The volume will be of interest to established scholars of neomedievalism studies, to scholars of Latin America, and to the new and growing generation of students and colleagues interested in truly global neomedievalist studies.

Author Bio
Nadia R. Altschul =================

Nadia R. Altschul teaches at the University of Glasgow. She is the author of three monographs and co-editor of two volumes on neomedievalism. Her research focuses on postcolonial studies, and the idea and redeployment of the “Middle Ages” in Spanish America and Brazil.

Maria Ruhlmann ============== Maria Ruhlmann wrote her PhD at Johns Hopkins University on Jorge Luis Borges’s wide-ranging engagement with the multicultural and multiethnic medieval Iberia.