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The St. Thomas Way and the Medieval March of Wales

Exploring Place, Heritage, Pilgrimage

Catherine A. M. Clarke

166 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The St. Thomas Way is a new heritage route from Swansea to Hereford that invites visitors to step into the rich and complex history of the medieval March of Wales. This volume brings together studies and reflections by those involved in the project, explores the St. Thomas Way as a visitor experience, and offers new insights into commemoration, "sense of place," and pilgrimage today. This book is for readers interested in medieval cults of the saints and pilgrimage traditions, especially those of St. Thomas of Hereford; medieval and modern day pilgrimage; those with a professional interest in heritage, tourism, and regional development; and scholars interested in the process of developing research into public-facing projects and in the application of digital methods and tools in heritage contexts.
Author Bio
Catherine A. M. Clarke ====================== Catherine A.M. Clarke is Chair in the History of People, Place and Community at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR), London. She has led major research and heritage interpretation projects in Chester and Swansea, and has published widely on place, power and identity in medieval Britain.