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The Oud Player of Cairo

A Novel

420 pages
Schaffner Press Inc
Vibrantly descriptive and evocative of the waning colonial world in Egypt during the mid-20th century, this debut historical novel by Jasmin Attia this is the compelling story of a young Egyptian woman, Laila, who defies the restrictive traditional roles set for women of that time, and instead follows the path inspired by her musician father, a much-beloved oud player, to become a singer and performer In her own right. After finding herself in a fairytale marriage that soon turns to a nightmare of adultery and abuse, she struggles to maintain her creative spirit, and falls into a passionate affair that puts her and her family in danger under the new oppressive regime, and with her life in danger, is forced to flee her beloved country.
Author Bio
Jasmin Attia holds and MFA from Bennington College and