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Student Ministry Field Guide

Debunking the "Big Kid" Label

Weston Blaha

123 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Every day, godly men and women enter the turbulent world of youth ministry seeking to make a difference. They love their students, parents, and local church. So, why is the average youth leader tenure a mere eighteen months? One major cause is that many youth leaders too often incur the ministry-thwarting label of being “simply a big kid.”

In Student Ministry Field Guide: Debunking the “Big Kid” Label, fifteen-year student ministry “vet” Weston Blaha, reveals the many pitfalls that often derail a student ministry, and more importantly, how to avoid them. This book is an accessible, concise guide written to help navigate such issues as:

• Contending with your Predecessor
• Rallying Volunteers
• Establishing Organization
• Determining Ministry Vision and Strategy
And much more!

In this short guide, both “rookie” and experienced student ministry leaders will learn how to play like a kid, act like an adult, and know when each is required!

Author Bio

Weston Blaha has been working in student ministry since 2006 in both Presbyterian and Methodist denominations. He speaks at camps, retreats, training events, and crafts curriculum for other student ministry leaders. He has been at his current church for over ten years and plans to stay for many more.