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The Arrow Boy

Erik Steidl

91 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Ayal the Arrow Boy tells the story of David and Jonathan from a never-before-seen perspective; that of Ayal, a servant in King Saul's palace.

Ayal finally has his life going in the right direction. After growing up an orphan on the streets of Jerusalem, he finally has a home in the palace and a good job as a runner for Prince Jonathan. Everything changes when he overhears two men planning to kill David, a commander in King Saul's army and Jonathan's best friend. Now the race is on to thwart the scheme, save David, and return peace to Israel. Will he be in time?

Author Bio
Erik Steidl teaches early literacy in Cleveland, Ohio. His students there inspired him to write his debut children’s book, The First Ostrich to Fly. However, his work with high school and middle school students at his local church is what prompted him to begin writing novels for teens.