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Chariots of the Fallen

A Biblically Founded and Scientifically Supported Creationist’s Survival Guide

356 pages
Deep River Books Llc

When Scripture is combined with recent scientific discoveries, the true history of the world opens up to us. Miracles and supposed impossibilities are demonstrated through known laws of physics and mathematics, and the truth of God's Word is proven through the fulfillment of prophecy.

Logic now tells us that dinosaurs likely lived only a few thousand years ago, rather than the millions of years ago that we were told. Pre-evolution publications routinely document the worldwide unearthing of the remains of biblical giants. Geological research of noted experts reveals that the biblical flood of Noah likely took place when and how it is described in the Bible—even the animals of Noah's ark are accounted for through clarification of the area encompassed by the biblical story and the probability of additional arks. These truths and others are combined together as the foundation to support the scientific telling of the creation story.

Chariots of the Fallen presents this telling as a source of reasonable doubt for those who have been conditioned to automatically disavow any possibility of God or his creation; it also takes those already familiar with Scripture into deeper understanding of its relevance. Coming from an education and career in STEM, and with years of Bible study under his belt, author David Burdick walks believers and skeptics alike through a world history informed by both science and Scripture. Since the creation of the world, God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, and they can and should be meaningfully understood as they relate to our world today.

Author Bio

Today a self-taught theologian who sees no contradiction between God and science, David Burdick was raised a Catholic and served as an altar boy in his adolescence. The more David studied Scripture, the more he questioned the doctrines he practiced; by the time he reached adulthood, he had more questions than could be answered by the church. On a journey to discover the truth of God’s Word, David read the Bible from cover to cover, over and over. Through God’s grace and correction, David has at last found the comfort and understanding that he sought.

David has degrees in electronics engineering, mathematics, and electrical engineering technology. Today, he is a self-employed engineer, a Christian author, and a sermon writer for a motorcycle ministry in North Carolina. He is always growing in his relationship to God the Father through Christ the Son. Recently widowed, he lives in upstate New York. His poetry has been published in the American Collegiate Poets Anthology, and after First Vespers and Blair’s Gap, Chariots of the Fallen is David’s third book.