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Leap of Faith

The Personal Story of Bob and Charlene Pagett, Founders of Assist International

216 pages
Deep River Books Llc

Bob and Charlene Pagett's story offers a clear example of what it means to live a life of profound meaning motivated by faith. Theirs is a story of optimism and the belief that every person in the world is valuable. It is a story of perseverance, of overcoming challenges and obstacles, all in the pursuit of the greater good.

Their story is also a powerful one about what it means to take a chance. Not just any chance, but the chance to follow God's plan for your life to make a difference. If you need inspiration to take your own leap of faith, this book is for you. Leap of Faith not only shares the remarkable story of two people who in midlife took the leap, but it offers timeless and approachable principles you can apply wherever God has called you in your own life. Leaps of faith often begin with steps of faith—sometimes very small steps. Bob and Charlene inspire us to begin our own adventure of faith, and their story is living proof that when we dare to walk through the open, sometimes-daunting doors God provides, the possibilities are endless.

Author Bio
William and Nancie Carmichael have been involved in publishing and writing for many years. They are the authors of several books and make their home in Sisters, Oregon. Bob and Charlene Pagett are the founders of Assist International and have been involved internationally in humanitarian projects for many years. Their greatest joy is their grown children, grandchildren, and several great grandchildren. Bob and Char make their home in Scotts Valley, California where they continue to reach out to others with energy and passion.