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From Grief to Greatness

The Art of Overcoming Adversity

264 pages
Deep River Books Llc

How do you make the worst day of your life into the best? Tanya Unkovich is ready to share the answer in From Grief to Greatness: The Art of Overcoming Adversity, a guide to rediscovering joy and meaning when loss, grief, and hardship have devastated your world.

In her first book, Unplanned Journey: A Triumph in Life and Death, Unkovich shared the story of her late husband's experience with cancer and the tools she used to move forward after his death. Fourteen years later, From Grief to Greatness now dives even deeper into Unkovich's life in a heartfelt expression of pain and healing. Tanya Unkovich embraces difficult topics with familiarity and faith, from caring for aging parents to facing life-altering illnesses to learning how to find love after loss. Unkovich brings experience, empathy, and hope to anyone walking a hard path. Her journey shows that there is always a way to rediscover personal greatness and live a life of purpose and fulfillment–and everything you need to do so is right in front of you.

An honest guide to resiliency written by an expert in it, From Grief to Greatness presents strategies for finding optimism, self-worth, faith, and more. No matter what someone has faced or the depths they have fallen to, these foundations can be developed and translated into all areas of life. From Grief to Greatness is a life-changing commentary on how to take times of adversity and come out with gratitude, how to regain excitement about your own precious life, and how to grab life by the throat and make the absolute most of every single day.

Author Bio

Tanya Unkovich is an accomplished author, public speaker, and executive mentor with a degree in Accountancy and postgraduate education in counseling. Known as an elite transformation specialist, she has been featured in numerous publications and is a regular contributor to radio. Over the past 30 years, Tanya has amassed vast professional and life experience, such as being interviewed by the late Dr. Robert Schuller, becoming the first Tony Robbins coach in New Zealand, and writing the book Unplanned Journey: A Triumph in Life and Death.

Tanya Unkovich has experienced much in life, including being widowed at 40. However, instead of letting this event break her, she decided to create an exciting vision and make the following decades her best ever! Tanya loves to be fit and strong and is known for lifting weights, fishing, and walking miles. She is obsessed with cats and doesn’t mind admitting that she and her husband Grant are servants to their very talkative ragdoll cat Thomas. From coaching programmes to media appearances, Tanya is dedicated to spreading her positive message.