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Last Adam

Stories of Love’s Redemptive Power

272 pages
Deep River Books Llc

Crises can challenge our faith and our trust in God. Last Adam is the love story our troubled times desperately need. It reveals God’s eternal plan to love and protect His children from pain. That plan carries throughout the Bible, and it is still at work in today’s world. These beautifully re-told Bible stories clearly illustrate this plan and the heart of God toward his children. Relevant scriptural passages are included within the stories, inspiring biblical meditation.

A pilgrimage through the stories of the Bible, Last Adam illuminates God's breath, plan, and love for His children, creating one sovereign thread to answer the cries of “why?”

Why me?

Why this pain?

Why this loneliness?

Why isn't God helping me?

Why is God allowing this?

Why don't I feel God's love?

The stories from thousands of years ago will answer the cries of hearts today. Beautifully written; with brilliant imagery, it masterfully interprets the theological truths of God's providence.

Author Bio
Sage C. McCullough is an author, playwright, director, and blogger. A life-long disciple of the Bible, she feels honored to use her talents as an instrument of worship for the Lord by writing this book. Her prayer is that this book breathes God’s love into each reader’s heart. Known in Washington DC as a comedic playwright, director, and blogger, many know her better as, “Sage Costanzo, the Yoda of wives” or “Mom, the Wonder Woman of moms”, “Aunt Sage, the James Bond of aunts”—currently, Sage is retaining seventeen such titles. To learn more about McCullough’s work, please visit www.thedoyenne.net.