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Amazon Culture

Exploring the Jungle of Narcissism

L. K. Cook

352 pages
Deep River Books Llc

Many of the best lessons in life spring forth out of the clutches of defeat and despair. What defines a person is not the significance of their suffering, or the depth of the despair associated throughout their failures. But rather, the distinguishing legacy of an individual's life is graphically displayed through the response to adversities encountered. The true definition of human triumph is based entirely on learning from mistakes! Accomplishment requires us to somehow garner the determination to move forward, leaving the fear, pain, scars, and insecurities in the past.

Amazon Culture: Exploring the Jungle of Narcissism is part memoir—exploring how author and Bible scholar L. K. Cook, PhD struggled through firsthand exposure to narcissistic abuse and eventually triumphed over it. It is also part self-help guide—illuminating a path to hope through the jungle for those who may still be struggling with narcissistic abuse themselves.

Pastors, lay ministers, friends, and family seeking to help those in the jungle could also benefit from exploring L. K. Cook's story, observations, and lessons learned the hard way.

Author Bio
After spending nearly three decades as an educator in the public schools, L. K. Cook retired to pursue a career in ministry. He earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Colorado State University and a Master of Arts in School Administration from the University of Phoenix. In 2006, Goodwill Industries of Denver recognized him as their “Educator of the Year.” He obtained a Doctorate of Ministry and a PhD in Biblical Studies from Newburgh Theological Seminary. Since retiring from the ministry as a pastor, L. K. currently serves as a Chaplain in the Denver area. This provides time to pursue his passion for writing, or as he calls it, “Life Journaling.”