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2022 Agenda Ejecutiva - Tesoros de Sabiduría - Gris indigo

Agenda ejecutivo con pensamientos motivadores

Catherine Martinsson

352 pages
Compass Productions Inc
Agenda ejecutivo con pensamientos motivadores una página llena por día laborable y una página por fin de semana. Con una frase profunda para cada día del año. Incluye las listas para el horario, citas, quehaceres y las prioridades. Se puede escoger entre dos diseños de portada. Bordes dorados (plata) y tapa flexi-atado
Author Bio
Catherine Martinsson is a mother of four now-grown children, whom she homeschooled while the family was living in South America and Far East Asia. After they flew the nest, she got involved in the publishing industry, and for the past 20 years has worked for several publishing houses in roles including sales, customer service, communications, writing, editing, and translation. She returned to the USA a couple of years ago after 42 years abroad, and now resides near Seattle, Washington, where she is immensely enjoying the wonder and beauty of the Pacific Northwest.