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Attentive, Intelligent, Rational, and Responsible

Transforming Economics to Save the Planet

326 pages
Marquette University Press
“The philosophical theology and economic ideas of the Canadian Jesuit Bernard Lonergan (1904-84) form the superstructure of the book. Its genius lies in the authors' fusing the fruit of their scholarship with Lonergan's ideas without disturbing the flow of their argument. The two scholars detail carefully, but unapologetically, why they've had to draw from a theologian to correct the errors of economists. For, in Lonergan, they find a rich tapestry of economic ideas and “fresh original thinking” that can help resolve some contested issues in economics… The realities of contemporary global society cry for such a development and prompt us to ask: How does Lonergan's economics fit the new world global financial market? Does his economic theory adequately address how we can overcome the limitations of those social and economic engineers who are content with making the masses seem like raw materials of rich people's economic propaganda? “Attentive, Intelligent, Rational, and Responsible”: Transforming Economics to Save the Planet answers these questions and many more.” — Cyril Orji (from the Foreword)
Author Bio
Pierre Whalon is a bishop of the Episcopal Church, serving the Convocation of Episcopal Church in Europe from 2001 to 2019. Before that, he served as priest in three parishes, two in Pennsylvania and one in Florida. He is also a published author of many articles and three books, as well as a music composer. Whalon lives near Paris with his wife, Hélène. John Raymaker was born in Brussels Belgium, then lived in the USA, earning a doctorate in social ethics at Marquette University in 1977. He lived in Tokyo from 1981 until 2003, working at the Oriens Institute for Religious Research and teaching cultural anthropology at Hosei and Junshin universities. Since 2003, he has lived in Germany writing books on the Vatican and Bernard Lonergan's breakthrough method.